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Doctorfarm Herbal Tea

Calming Tea

Calming Tea

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It helps to prevent stress. A good support for calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety states; establishing inner peace and offering psycho-emotional comfort.


Passiflora, melissa, st John’s wort, linden flowers,  hawthorn flowers, lavander flowers.

Method of preparation

Infusion. 200 ml of boiling water is poured over a spoon of plant product, covered and left for 10-15 minutes.

Way of usage

2-3 cups per day, half an hour before  meals, during 3-4 weeks.

Repeat  if necessary

Storage conditions

Store in a clean, well ventilated area at a maximum relative humidity of 70%.

Terms of validity

2 years

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Sugar Free
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